Update on FinTech Series

Thank you all for the emails and update requests on when the next episode will be held. Yes, it has been two months since I’ve organised a new episode and I would like to apologise on the absence of updates. There were a couple of snags that hindered the series’ progress.

– The latest episode was themed on ‘Crowdfunding’, featuring a budding fintech startup. Unfortunately, after the following news, the startup had to cancel
– I’m in the process of changing to a new venue that accommodates FinTech Series’ increasing audience
Rest assured, you’ll be hearing from me soon on the details of the next episode and a feature startup. The Fintech revolution has definitely reached the Middle East, and as the regional finance industry is scrambling to keep up with new developments, holding such series and talks with startups is vital.
This might also lead to opportunities for fintech startups, and a network of innovators for corporates and financial institutions that could make opportunities possible.