Short Euro Trip (Updated)

I’m heading onto a short Euro trip next week. My first stop will be Italy followed by France and finally ending in Austria. The great thing about this week-long trip is that I’ll be seeing family and friends that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

Do you think I should spend longer than just a few days in each city? Its an average of 3 days in each (Rome, Paris and Vienna). I’m a big fan of short breaks. A maximum break I would take usually spans to two weeks, not more than that.

What am I planning to do? Well..

Rome: Italian Coffee and finally try pizza in Italy 🙂
France: The notion of a ‘café’ has always been French to me (even if its not, I choose to believe it is), so to sit in one and enjoy the best a French café has to offer.
Austria: I’ve got both friends and family here. It’ll be mostly to spend time with them, but overall it would be nice to see more of this beautiful city!

UPDATE (21/08):

Back to Abu Dhabi after an amazing week long trip. Apart from the three countries I mentioned earlier, I had the opportunity to pass by Turkey – as I had a 18 hours layover. Honestly, I was too tired to do any sightseeing, so spent most of my time in my hotel room. Rome, Paris & Vienna – an amazing experience!


It was my first stop. Beautiful city! Went hopping around different monuments, museums and tourist attractions.

Rome, Italy


Second stop. My brother gave me heads up on my way here, that if I liked Rome, I might just fall in love with Paris – he was not wrong! The city’s built so beautifully.

Paris, France

I enjoyed historical/contemporary French designs and architecture; from buildings to interiors, and lets not forget… the FOOD!


Third stop. One of the most liveable cities in the world, and thanks to my old college buddies, I got to see the best the city has to offer. Vienna is not only glamorous in its own way, but the city’s so beautiful, clean and easy to commute around that it made the sightseeing ever so memorable.

AR and Vienna

Just a week isn’t enough to see the most of these three great European cities, but nevertheless, made the best out of it. Hopefully next time I’ll pick one, and take an ample time to enjoy it!