Migrants are key to unlocking Economic Growth.

My Dear Europeans,

Just thought of throwing in my 2 cents into the so called ‘migrant crisis’ in Europe. As the silent majority have voiced our their discontent on it; there are a large number of migrants coming into Europe.

But let me highlight something different. The fact that so many migrants are settling in Europe has a significant positive inclination in comparison to the negative sentiments being openly expressed by right-wing parties. Migrants are a key to unlocking economic growth.

2 years ago, I was enthralled by the idea of starting a PhD in Entrepreneurship with focus on women and migrants in Europe. I wanted to provide a fascinating insights on new migrants ability to become independent from State support, and impart a positive shade on discreditable notion that majority of migrants are anything but productive.

From my travels (especially to Europe), what I could verify is that when migrants have tried their best to assimilate and due to a societies’ broken system of acceptance, migrants usually move on to find their own way of becoming independent – by becoming entrepreneurs.

The resilience can’t be ignored, whether in the black or white market. The fact that they strive to reach their goals of independence by applying their entrepreneurial talent shouldn’t go unnoticed, especially as contributor to social and economic development.

I guess I should seriously start considering to look for a PhD candidacy on this topic!