Why are companies investing in startups?

Corporate venture capital is seeing an unprecedented growth. Even though there are concerns over investment in startups by companies, venture capital markets are becoming irrationally exuberant as the large corporations are not showing any signs of doing away with their venture investing activities. Corporate venture capital is generally understood to be some kind of equity investment […]

Why Corporate Accelerators Fail — and What to Do About It

Written by Ron Yerkes: Entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world are experiencing a rise in demand for accelerators that provide resources to promising startups, and corporations are embracing this new model for sparking innovation. The reason why is self-evident: accelerators make it possible for large, otherwise slow-moving organizations to discover new technologies that can help bring […]

Africa: Thomson Reuters Africa Startups Challenge

Its great to see that the support programs and funding initiatives for African startups is alive and kicking, especially through the The Thomson Reuters ‘Africa Startups Challenge‘ seeks those new top startups that make a good investment or partnership opportunity for our company and its customers. In partnership with Venture Capital For Africa (VC4A), we’ve launched an […]