Are academics creating deepfakes?

What are deepfakes you may ask?

Deepfakes are realistic AI-generated audio, video, and images. According to Axios, academics are currently producing research advancing them.

…. WHY?

Lately, increasing amount of easily accessible tools for creating convincing fake videos have emerged, and being labeled as ‘deadly virus‘ by digital-forensics experts.

Academics are currently creating new methods for faking videos, photos and audio so that creativity prevails by improving emerging technologies.

What are they calling it? – This new technology is called Synthetic Content Generation.

According to Axios, in its benign form, researchers say the techniques can be used in filmmaking, dubbing, or virtual reality, and also as training data to improve self-driving cars. But there is also a serious potential for harm when the technology is misapplied.

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Image Courtesy: Tiburi/Pixabay