Short Euro Trip (Updated)

I’m heading onto a short Euro trip next week. My first stop will be Italy followed by France and finally ending in Austria. The great thing about this week-long trip is that I’ll be seeing family and friends that I haven’t seen in a very long time. Do you think I should spend longer than […]

Visiting Djibouti

This Eid I’ll be visiting Africa for (arguably) the first time. It will be 3 of us (tagging my Dad and brother along) to visit relatives that I have never met before, and also have the opportunity to see a country that I’ve heard so much about. Accordingly to Tripadvisor, there isn’t much in terms […]

Short Break

It’s always good to be here. Visiting family and friends.  This visit, though random is ending up to be an awesome, I’ve friends from Sweden and Oman who happened to be around that I’ll get to catch up with 🙂 People ask me, “why the same place again and again”. I’m like.. “Why the hell […]