Update on FinTech Series

Thank you all for the emails and update requests on when the next episode will be held. Yes, it has been two months since I’ve organised a new episode and I would like to apologise on the absence of updates. There were a couple of snags that hindered the series’ progress. – The latest episode […]

Vetting an Incubator in the UAE

Working with one of Dubai’s earliest incubator/accelerator, and interacting with other accelerators got me to realise that startups looking for accelerators in this region might actually have different needs than those in the Europe or even the States. So looking for the ideal accelerator is always challenging, and here are a few pointers that I’ve found posted […]

FinTech Series S1.EP1.

I held my first FinTech episode at The Cribb yesterday, where our guest startup was an aspiring UAE based FinTech company Bridg. The FinTech Series are free public sessions for the FinTech enthusiasts, experts and entrepreneurs. The aim is to give an opportunity for the FinTech startup community to meet, discuss and share success stories, […]